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Forever speakers around $5000
Gallo 3.5 if you can find one, there's a reason there aren't many on the used market. Purposeful design to avoid baffle, parallel walls, minimal enclosure, xover that plague most speakers. Have owned Apogee and Maggie 3.6 and also currently have t... 
Cheap/free tweak of the Magneplanar 1.7s, etc.
How about drilling screws into the stand at multiple points and securing it tightly against the floor? Come on someone try it and let us know how that works, you make holes in your walls to hang up picture. I'm half joking but I do wonder if that ... 
Cheap/free tweak of the Magneplanar 1.7s, etc.
I noticed that the 1.7 factory legs are slightly bowed in the middle and not entirely a flat contact on the floor. It's springy if you step on the middle. Not sure if the design helps or hurt. 
Smash and Grab at High end Store in San Francisco
Another smash and grab in SF early this morning, at Music Lovers, for the second time, they sold the stolen goods here at AG last time:http://abc7news.com/news/sf-police-investigate-smash-and-grab-at-music-lovers/543624/ 
Best Option To Liquidate CD Collection
Bluesky,Since your concern is storage space, keep the CD's by taking them out of the cases and store them in the below linked Aluminimum hard case that can hold 900 CD's. Take the plastic CD cases to the local library, my library was very apprecia... 
Gallo 3.5 or Martin Logan Ethos?
My 3.5's are outstanding speaker for the price, I replaced the previous model, 3.1's which replaced the Maggie 3.6's. I love ribbons and the CDT's on the 3.5's do just as well or better except for the heigh presentation, but not an issue unless yo... 
Childproofing Speakers
I also had configurable child plastic fence in front of my system that prevented my daughter from going anywhere near the components. Works well. 
best way to sell???
You said it was brand new and unused. If it was the original seal, I would not have open the box. You advertise it as such and as oppose to claiming new with a resealed box, especially with no feedback. 
TV/Audio Stands
I bought a unit from Costco that only cost $150 with rebate. It can hold a 60" TV either on the stand or the wall. If using stand, you can pivot the TV angling left or right. 
What equipment uses 5687 tubes?
Marsh P2000T preamp uses a pair of 5687. 
electrostats vs ribbon drivers
To my ears, electrostats mylar has that tzzzz sound that colors the speaker, maybe I'm more sensitive to that sound, tried many models of ML. The Apogee Stage is what captivated me to planar. 
Best amp for Magnepan MG-12
You could get a used Bryston 4B-ST or Wyred amp and still have change left over. 2 very nice sounding smps. 
5.1 small speaker recommendations
I do own both. The Gallo's enclosure are better built but the Orb's are slightly larger and go slightly deeper, but you'll need a sub for both so could be a moot point. The Orbs have a bigger soundstage and seem more holographic, whereas the Micro... 
How do the Magnepan 3.6r compare to the new 1.7
Mac,I have owned the 3.6 for 5 years and sold it to a friend. Have 12's now and will look at getting the 1.7's. Would consider the 3.7's but room size of 13'x28' is too small.As I stated, some can and others don't experience that, which could also... 
How do the Magnepan 3.6r compare to the new 1.7
First consider your room size, a small room with 3.6's can underperform 1.7's in an optimal room. Also 1.7's are more seamless and coherent across the 3 way whereas the 3.6's might have some discontinuity between the ribbon and bass panel, some ca...