Gallo Reference 3 stand bracket question

I've made some brackets for my Gallo reference 3's. The standard foot placement at 6 inches apart was just too narrow. I'm thinking of making having these made in bulk on a CNC machine, but perhaps in a more swept back deisgn. Something that looks a little less industrial. Any opinions on this basic concept? Any interest in buying these for your Reference 3's? I've got the BDR cones installed on mine, but the threading is the same for the stock Gallo feet, so those could be used as well,. These will also work on the speakers without the Brightstar stands.
You can see pictures of them on my system page.
Any idea what would be a reasonable price point?

Hello Barry,

I use several Bright Star products in my system and am quite happy with the results. As much as I'm sure the GR3 would take my Ref 3.1's up a notch (pun intended) the cost is out of whack relative to the price of the speaker itself. Hmmm.. maybe you could get them made in China (like Gallo does) and offer them at a much more attractive price point?

Best Regards, Jeff
I was also concerned about instability of the Gallo Ref3's in earthquake-prone California. I designed a pair of stands that I had made at Timber Nation. The bases are 12" x 15" x 3" solid maple, finished and painted black. They tightened up the bass and increased soundstage height. Also, they look great, much better than the stock stands. In fact, they look like the stands that the Ref3's should have come with! My wife likes the appearance of these speakers now. Finally they are much more stable. I could post/send my design if anyone is interested.
Hi David,

I would not say that they are disorganized. Preparing for CES (especially during the holidays) is an overwhelming task and tying up all the loose ends is a formidable challange.

> I can't imagine why he wouldn't have a pair permanently in his possession, as they do complete the speakers so well.

They do own three sets of IsoRock GR3 stands. I don't know why they didn't have any of those at the show. My guess is that when they called us all of their show gear had already been shipped and they assumed we could have a set available for them. It was frustrating for us that we had none to provide. Keeping an extra set "hanging around" would be nice but that means that some customer would have to wait even longer to get their set shipped and everyone who has them on order is anxiously awaiting their arrival!


You have a point, but you may have trouble making it for the reasons Barry outlines in his response. As it is he's having trouble filling orders for the stands due to their popularity. If they were any less expensive, the wait would be interminable. Then again, not to undercut whatever European parts there are in the stands, if they were made in China as you suggest, their cost might make them more available to all. What problems might arise with QC as a result is anyone's guess? Then again, look at the cost of the little pyramid jewelry people buy as isolation cones. Pricing seems to be whatever the market allows, and clearly the market is supporting the $500 price point. I know I took the easy road and bought them instead of fabricating something myself. You could always get creative and give that a try?

Speaking for myself, I'd love to see your stands. It's pretty easy to post them on a systems page, or just include a link in the text of a response here. I know of at least three people including Hack who might be interested in seeing them. It is a curiosity that Anthony didn't include a more robust bottom to the speakers to act as stands, but there are many aftermarket suppliers for the speaker designers deficiencies. (Thanks Barry) And many speaker designers who seem to omit the stands as a part of the design process.
If you have difficulty posting the pictures Tantra, send another post or email through and I'll try and help.
thanks again,