Gamut d200 mk2

Have you used the Gamut with Gamut speakers? The 7s I think as they are in storage and an operation has affected my memory, 
They are probably 5s. I started with my Spendor 1s as that was what I had been using. Will hook up the Gamuts this week. The amp sounds great. In the same class as my CJ transistor amp which is the best one I ever heard. You Tubeies can forget I said that.

It is the 350. They only stopped making it because it would be too expensive to make. With the prices the way they are this sounds unlikely. As a former dealer I hate to say it but buying used makes sense. I have a friend who keeps telling we to get rid of all my gear as they are old and will give me trouble and they all sound the same anyway. Now for some they do sound the same but I am not one of them!