Gee, it turns out Magnepan WILL survive Wendel Diller.


Honestly, that’s pretty offensive. Wendell designed the LRS+. Also the LRS. Also the 30.7. He’s been their head of product development since Jim Winey retired. And Tom Struck is right -- he works his ass off for Magnepan. He’s a very modest guy and didn’t even want people to know that he was their head of R&D until Eric succeeded him as marketing manager and Wendell took the title of director of product development.

Never heard of the reviewer Rogier Von Bakel??

Why do we never hear from Mark Winey the president of Magnepan and son of the founder Jim Winey ???

Too much secrecy in a tiny family run company.

I’m thinking they are so very busy that the change was implemented to streamline production or a switch to better material availability. With a 6 month plus backlog, there is no reason to change the things. Magnepan won't ever say what a change entails.