General question about Linn Axis

Greetings. I just recently started playing with my Linn Axis. I have had it for about 25 years with not a lot of playing. It has actually been unplugged for about 2 years. I did buy it used and the original owner did not play it much. The oil seems to be fine. I do have a fresh bottle of oil and I was wondering if it has to be replaced. The Linn manual states that it should last for the lifetime of the table. Also, the hinges are broken and I wanted to know where I can find replacements. I may also need a new belt. Otherwise it sounds fine.

Currently I have a Signet MM which I hate. It is bright, boomy and it sounds terrible in general. Very Hi Fi but not musical at all.

The table came with Basik Plus Arm.I am looking for a sweet cartridge. I tend to like a darker sound. Not looking for the ultimate in resolution. Just something that sounds pretty good and that you can listen to it without fatigue. I'd like to spend around $350. I have heard that the arm does not support MC cartridges very well..Thanks in advance.
Denon 103r low output mc cart i use with my axis/basik (i am original owner) would fit your bill.
Hinges are always popping up on ebay. But you should confirm that they fit the Axis.

In my experience, the aftermarket belts are inferior quality to the stock; hold onto yours as long as possible.

I've also had my Axis for 25 years and still have not found the right MM cart. Good luck.
Belts do help the sound...I'd inspect it for cracks, wear and tear. I agree with the above..don't get a cheap belt...Linn dealers should stock or be able to order a original ....

I used to own a Axis...wish I would have kept it!
I found the right cartridge for my Basik/Akito rig after some experimenting...a Sumiko Pearl. Don't let the low ($125) price put you off as this thing is AMAZING, especially after 20 or so hours of break-in, and run it close to 2 grams. Also, I easily found hinges on Ebay and they seem to fit pretty much everything Linn made.
Thanks to all for your kind responses. I have also heard vey good things about the Denon being pretty forgiving. It is a very old design but works beautifully.

Someone else also suggested the Ortofon 2M Blue.

Thanks again
I have had good luck with the Denon DL-110 on this turntable and arm. It's a relatively inexpensive cartridge but is very musical and lively without sounding bright. Highly recommended (by me).

I must disagree with Mapman and say that, I think that the DL-103 is a very poor match for this tonearm. The 103 is a very low compliance cartridge that was designed for long, heavy tonearms that were in use at radio stations in the early 1960s. I say this from (lots of) experience with this cartridge. The DL-103 can sound wonderful when mounted on an appropriate arm, but the Linn Basik Plus is not one of them (nor is any Linn tonearm). IMO you can do a lot better for and less money.