Genesis Technologies report on black CDR's

Genesis Technologies has a very interesting white paper on how much better black CDR's sound that all the other cdr's. The paper can be downloaded on their website. I am looking for comments from those who have read their white paper.

You mean, like, Rush Limbaugh wrote a review of Aretha Franklin? Hey, just because a guy writes a white paper on black cd's, that does not make him a racist.
I was recently made aware of this paper. I have aquired a copy of EAC and a few Memorex black CDR's. I will pot my results here.
My primary interest is in making fubar/scratched cdr's readable in my farily picky GamuT CD-1. If this turns out to be a feasible way to make discs sound better in general, great.
Is this Genesis' version of Screamin' Jay Hawkins "Black Music For White People"?
I tried it and it works. I hear little improvement on VG CDs like the FIM, RR or XRCD but nice improvement on all standard CDs. I use the Yamaha CDR burner with Balanced Power Technologies BP-JrII for AC isolation and Maxell black CDRs. has also posted a review that says the black Memorex's sound better than the normal refective types.