Genie in a bottle


This is my first posting to this forum. I'm a analog lover since the early sixties. In those days it was common (at least in Holland) playing records wet (Lenco Clean). We know better now. Because I've got some hundreds of records treated in this way, I cloned a VPI RCM. My hope was a device like that would be able to clean the former wet played records. And that is not the case. Although I tried all kind of cleaning fluids and methods, the result is not optimal. Still noise and the typical sound of the residu remaining in the grooves. The best result till now was obtained by the DiscDoctor fluid and brushes in conjunction of vacuuming the last rinse of distilled water.
Someone told me about Genie in a bottle. It's not for sale in Holland. Does anyone of you have experiences with that stuff? Would it be helpfull on cleaning the wet played records?
Or do you have another advice? I already did a search on the forum, but didn't find a answer.

I would be most gratefull if you could advice me.


Have you tried steam cleaning with the Eureka Hot Shot Steam Cleaner? This has been recommended by several audiophile magazines. BTW - What was the wetting agent you used that has left all this residue?
Are you absolutely positive that what you are hearing is really a residue, and not just groove wear on older records caused by some degree of mistracking when they were played often with vintage cartridges/arms many years ago?
if you have never used Lencoclean you do not understand his problem. I got rid of all my old Lencocleaned lp's years ago they were from my teens and were not pristine anyway now replaced with Japanese pressings or some minty import for good information on a good record cleaning fluid check this thread. check albertporter's comments, fluid name record research, vinyl wash
I just yesterday rediscovered my Genie Bottle. I followed the instructions exactly, except I used an empty 40 oz Bacardi bottle instead of a gin bottle as George suggests. LOL. On the cleaning machine, brushing it on raised a suspicious foam, but I trusted.

The vinyl after being vacuumed was oh so black and shiny, just the way we like it. This was a German EMI disc (Electrola) which had sounded veiled before the treatment.

Afterwards, all the qualities we love in analog were more evidenced; the total effect was like wiping a windshield clean.

I've tried VPI's solution, Last, and some of the home brews enumerated by Google - but this one is amazing !! My favorite. I even A/B'd it on a sealed set - one mint side without, the other with. It makes a dramatic improvement even on virgin vinyl.