Speaker wires for bottlehead 2a3 & klipsch chorus?

I recently accuired a set of bottle head 2a3 set amps and am using it with a blueberry pre and klipsch chorus2 speakers. I am using kimber silver streak interconnects. Any suggestions what would be the best sounding speaker wire for my combination?
I have been using Wright 2A3 SET amps with Klipsch La Scala's, and have found the Quicksilver speaker cables to be superb. Definitely go with the silver.

Oxygen free wire with good insulation should do you fine. The stuff at Home Depot is very good and very cheap. Read Roger Russell's article on speaker wire and the tests McIntosh labs did at one point on various speaker wire. Here is the link to the article; it is quite comprehensive.


The important thing is that your gauge is adequate for the length of the run.