Getting Crackling Noise From My Speakers

Hi Friends,

I am getting crackling noise from my speakers. What can be the reason behind it any idea? I have made no changes so far with the setup.
Hi Jennifer I just dealt with a similar issue, crackling coming from both speakers. Swapped out a bunch of tubes didn’t help. I started to think it sounded a bit like RFI. I had recently moved my modem/router to my listening/living room. I turned the modem off the crackling was gone.  Moved the modem to a higher shelf problem solved. Another  source of noise can be light switch dimmers. Can you share any more details on your setup?

I had a similar problem with crackling and a hum through the speakers.  I had recently added a Nordost Red Dawn (flat cable) IC and thought it was defective.  I was just about to return it when I decided to unplug the wall whart  to my Ikea turntable lamp.  Problem solved.  Check around and see what is plugged in that could cause noise and remove them one at a time.  In my case, my Nordost cable is unshielded so it picked up the noise.  Good luck!
Guys I was able to solve the issue after some online research. In my case it was basically a Windows issue as described here. But think since my speaker works on Wifi it can have a similar issue too. But since my wifi router is in the other room, I could safely eliminate that cause.