Ghetto A/B Comparison Idea

Has anyone lowered themselves to comparing cables using a y-split at the source and then two seperate inputs on the pre-amp (in my case my receiver)?

Would a splitter remove any chance of hearing any difference in the interconnects?

The cables in question are a Blue Jeans Cable LC-1 and a Monster Cable 400i.

My gut tells me that the LC-1 cable resulted in a nice improvement but it's almost impossible to really tell when it takes 5-10 minutes to swap them out in my system.
I find the best way to compare cables is having them in your system for at least a week or so. After you've got a firm grasp on what the differences are, put the old ones back in. Listen to them for a few albums. Any differences should make themselves known.

I don't think quick A/B cable swaps really give good results. This is all dependant on your knowledge of your system. If there's something new (or new to you) somewhere in the chain, what you're hearing may get thrown off.

I truly believe cables make a difference, but the differences aren't that great. The more you know your gear, the more obvious and bigger a small change becomes.
remember that when you use the Y adapters, you are actually hearing BOTH cables, since they are now all part of the circuit no matter what input your preamp is switched to.