GIK - Free 3D Acoustics modelling!

Hi Everyone, 

I just got an e-mail from my favorite home acoustics treatment company. They now have a 3D modelling tool! Yeay!

Let me know if you try it, I won't be able to for a long time.


I will check it out
condo is rectangular with some odd openings and an angle here and there
basic dimensions are 32’ L x 15’ wise, 9’ ceilings stepped at two levels with a single step.
i have an RTA and calibrated mic also
first music in room next week

GIK and ASC plus ++++ ? On my list of vendors for help

WAF is a variable.....
GIK has a lot of very pretty things including art print based absorbers and soffit traps (bass traps) in designer fabrics. 

My last experience with ASC was not very good. They sponsored the show in Oakland and the rooms sounded terrible. One note bass and etched highs. 

Honestly I was pretty shocked, because I had been a fan in the past. 

GIK is cheaper and better, especially with the soffit traps for bass. 


C’mon Erik, one bad experience with ASC products and you write them off?! I fairly recently visited Audiogon member folkfreak, whose room was designed with heavy input from Art Noxon, and is fitted with many ASC products. Incredible sounding room and system (he has an ARC 40th Anniversary Edition Reference pre-amp!). I have 13 Tube Traps (as well as DIY panels, and PI diffusers), and have been in many ASC treated rooms, including those at CES Vegas. There are a lot of pro recording studios treated with ASC---are the studio engineers and owners deaf? If ASC stuff was as bad as you say, the company would have been out of business a LONG time ago. Art Noxon is one of the leading acoustical engineers in the world, holder of numerous patents, a true expert in his field. 
Hi @bdp24 -

It wasn’t 1 bad experience, it was two dozen bad experiences all at once! :) And perhaps for context I should have added that the previous California Audio Show was the opposite. Every room well treated with ASC was among the best. So I don’t know what happened this time. I seem to remember that previously ASC provided a number of products, but last time it seemed they only brought tube traps.  Perhaps this accounted for the severe depressed midrange I encountered in treated rooms?

Besides that, I am nothing if not open to the idea everyone should like what they like.

I will say though, that as a budget conscious audiophile, I would never look anywhere but GIK. The quality and performance are unbeatable in anything I could afford. There may be ASC products which fill other needs or have better performance, but I no longer feel the need to comparison shop.

Erik, ASC IS expensive. I got lucky and found my Traps for $10 each, including two 16" ! I found them in the mid-90's, listed in The Recycler, a Buy/Sell newspaper in SoCal. I went to the sellers house to pick them up, and the place was empty except for them. Weird! I think he had bought the house to flip, and the Traps were left behind. Bass traps can be made DIY for not much $, for those who aren't as lucky as I.

GIK has a great product line, especially for absorption at first reflection locations, and for diffusion. Bass Traps, though, require more Herculian effort, and ASC pretty much owns that segment of the market.