Glass Optical cables for WADIA??

I am trying to get a glass optical cable for my Wadia but noticed it has a funny input on the back for the glass/ST inputs that do not match the normal outputs of players etc.

Is there a cable that I need to connect to the Wadia ST input that will also fit a regular optical out? Thanks
It's a standard glass optical fitting, nothing peculiar about it. BUT, it is NOT a Toslink fitting which you may be more familiar with. BTW, IMHO the Optimism V2 is one the best cables for this application.
ok, I see where I can get a cable to fit the Wadia end, but the transport end has the traditional plastic toslink this not compatible or can you get the cable with the Wadia fitting on one end and the small square fitting on the other?
Toslink and ST/ATT use completely different glass fiber receivers and transmitters. So these are not compatable even if you could, (which you can't) get a cable with toslink on one end and ST/ATT on the other.
I have a Wadia 521 and want to run my optical out of my PC which has one of those plastic square I am guessing Toslink outputs. I wonder if there is an output I can get for my PC Card which would have the ST output? The card is a RME Audio 9632
You'd probably be better off replacing your sound card with one that has AES/EBU out (e.g., Lynx, etc.)and using that to the 521.
Ok, thanks. The RME 9632 has XLR (AES/EBU) outs as an option from its 9-pin port, so maybe that should be my choice.....any other suggestions let me know. I appreciate all the responses.