Glen Miller, current recording, quality CD

Hello, I'm looking for "The Best of Glen Miller" recorded recently. I am interested in a current, outstanding studio recording in CD format.I am not interested in the originals remastered. I would like to have current recording technology.

Is here such a beast?

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Try "The Glenn Miller Orchestra-In The Digital Mood" on GRP Records. IMHO it a great cd, very dynamic and lots of fun when played LOUD..

Good Luck
The GRP recording mentioned by Allan is an enjoyable recording, but be aware that it is recorded in 5.1 channel DTS. I am not aware of other recent/new recordings of Glen Miller material, but you might check out the recordings under Tex Beneke's name. Beneke "inherited" Glen Miller's orchestra, and did a few "modern" recordings that may be available on CD. Here's a link to Tower Records that has Beneke/Miller Orchestra recordings:
The Disc is loaded with Miller classics. The recordings were made in 1983. I got my original (stereo) copy the day I bought my first Compact Disc player in 1985. I now have a re mastered Limited Gold Edition (Stereo) CD with additional tracks. My current CD has 43 page booklet which goes into great detail regarding the music and the way the recordings were made. I have never seen the 5.1 DTS version, sounds interesting.