Global Village - Audiophile Traders or Investors?

One of the things I have enjoyed about this hobby is noting that audio enthusiasts often have an unusual type of intelligence: a rare ability to analyze the world from both analytical and creative perspectives.

Therefore, I would be very interested in assembling and collaborating in an audio club of proprietary traders, hedge fund managers, economists or other global market participants, who enjoy debating trading and investment opportunities as much as the benefits of power conditioning. Entrepreneurs with a global outlook or global distribution might also be interested, and/or service providers to the investment industry.

Perhaps our "Club" might have no fixed location, but we could meet in various places around the world.

I work in commodity and global macro trading strategies and would be happy to host in the NYC area whenever anyone is in town.
Count me in.

Right now, I´m living in Spain.

I have two heads: one the law head (I´m a lawyer) and the economist head (I´ve worked in banking and stock markets).

From a global point of view, we can discuss the matters you suggest, here on Agon or in any other forum.

I´d appreciate to know what you think.



Thanks for your reply.

I believe one of our direct drive experts in residence, T Bone, also works in the investment business, so hopefully we will hear from him too.