Bill Evans Village Vanguard 3CD set

I picked up a copy of the recent issue 3CD set from the 1961 recording. My speakers pretty much disappear in the soundstage with most CDs, but when playing disc 2 of this set I have Bill clearly in the right speaker & Motain/LaFaro clearly in the left speaker and the center is basically devoid of's rather annoying. I haven't tried the other CDs in this set yet.

A quick check of my system and other CDs / sources indicates everything is fine equipment-wise.

Anyone else experience the same thing?
All the time. That is one of the downsides of many jazz recordings made (mostly) in the late 50's and (occasionally) very early 60's. The art of proper recording was developing in that era.

FWIW I recently bought some newish Van Gelder productions which were a mish mash of stereo imaging - having nothing to do with the actual location of the performers. I think it was made at a mixing board with a boom box for monitors. :-(
Do you know of another recording of this same music that has it mixed better...or do we just have to enjoy it with a "vintage" hat on? The recording itself does sound OK...although the mixing sounds like a "stereo effect" overachiever was on the controls.
I'm not aware of a re-mix which resolves this imaging issue. For me its just a minor annoyance you get used to. Helps if you don't sit in the sweet spot listening to 'audio'. Besides, hearing this gives you a lot more respect for great stereo productions on those few occasions you find them. :-)
The SACD of Waltz for Debbie has the same issues. I've gotten use to it. I figure that was the way that they were placed on the stage. The recording is otherwise excellent.
I have that set, and noticed that too. Bugs me. Especially after i bought the set in hopes it would be better than the Milestones LP I have of the same recording. On the LP, Bill is smack in the middle, and it sounds great. After going back to the LP I find it to be really so much better than any CD's I have heard of that concert. Bass and drums are not as dynamic, but I don't miss that; there's some special ambient quality to the LP, as well as the mix being better. And the LP is a 1975 reissue!

Regards, Vince
Try sitting way off access. It'll sound less like points in space and more like a sounstage. Perhaps not the one that it was actually played on, but better than the left-channel right-channel nonsense that you get with so many of these early stereo recordings.
On the other hand, you have to admit that the sounds quality is really lush, and that does help.