God doesn't need to know what time it is.

Value of anything is a most fascinating subject to me.

Eric Clapton hasn't owned this  Rolex Daytona for nearly 20 years. It 's probably been in storage since he dumped it and is expected to fetch north of $1.6M?

For that much I'd want his playing ability AND his stereo system.





"Then again,  I'm not wholly off the deep end with the conspiracy theorists and racists either." 

Something you and I have in common, then. 

Pardon my ignorance as I live in a country where there is just one race

Then I’ll just pardon your ignorance.

"I'm not racist I ride on the bus with different races and work with them!"

The watch referenced in the link above has that estimated price because it’s a possibly unique Rolex of iconic design. Clapton’s ownership isn’t adding much to the price, after 20 years

Separately, but relatedly, the watch market has gone bananas in the last 24 months

Clapton does collect Patek Philippe watches, often built for him with customized dials (in great taste). These he sells from time to time, with the proceeds going to charitable causes. These pieces are expensive both because of the customized dials (one has to be a great customer for Patek to customize a dial, and so these variation are often unique) and because directly from Clapton’s collection - these customized Clapton pieces, eventually sold for charity, are a “thing” in their own right and have been for a long time

(Only a strict Marxist thinks anything has intrinsic value, so who cares how people spend their money?)

Just a comment from the peanut gallery….

@tomcy6 You didn’t read or understand my post.

For you to play this brain-dead, bully style of argument-making, badgering me about playing with famous people, or how many “blues festivals” 😂 I’ve played, it’s unseemly.

If I had 50 platinum records, this makes my opinion more valid?

Again, try to avoid brazen thinking fallacies in your argument.  Appeals to numbers ain’t gonna cut it.

You don’t know anything about me, how good I am, nothing.  You think only people with commercial success can have an opinion.  In a world of Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, and Justin Bieber…no, I don’t believe one’s commercial success gives their opinion more validity.  But good try.

@tylermunns You either don’t understand my question or don’t have an answer for it that you want to share. Either way, I think we’ve said all we need to say.