Going from processor to 6 channel analog preamp?

Hi, I am currently using a Lexicon RT-10 with an Aragon Soundstage processor. However, I am using analog outs on the RT-10 and bypass all DTS circuitry on the Aragon, because I find this to sound better. This begs the question am I better of (SONICALLY!) selling the Aragon and go to an all analog 6 channel amp (specifically, I have my eye on the McCormack MAP-1). This would be relatively low $$$ impact swap. Alternatively, should I explore a superior processor that will outperform doing conversion in the RT-10. This will be a more expensive proposition and since I use multichannel mostly on DVD-A and SACD (which are always analog out of course) of more limited value. Any advise is welcom.
Im not familiar with the equipment you have, but it doesn't sound like you need any processing at all--you use multichannel on sacd and dvd. If you dont process 2 channel, then the mcormack would seem ideal. I guess the lexicon is multi channel amp? good luck!