GOLD NOTE PA-10 amp anyone hear it yet?

I have been reading up on the new Gold Note PA-10 amp and it seems to have some very interesting tech and big power numbers from a none class D amp (of similar size to a class D). Tthe size is the same as the PH10 phono stage. I've seen pricing around 1300 euro so very interesting indeed. they even list a 2ohm load power rating of 300wpc. 75wpc into 8ohm 150wpc into 4ohm. bridgeable to 600wpc.

Hey @glennewdick I've heard from a friend who got this unit and says it's really special. I own a PH10 so looking to hear it myself. Keep us posted if you do get to hear it.
ugh 6 moons. Ok thanks.

 I’ve always had issues with 6moons and their tendency to run at the mouth for pages and pages of dribble. Lol. 
Should I be concerned about buying a Gold Note PA10 from Italy now? A dealer has them in-stock and offering a good price.
I have direct experience with this brand, I own a turntable, and one-time per year I go to Italy for work reason, precisely in Tuscany.
Gold Note are objects of unique beauty, their products are well cared for and reveal all the goodness of Made in Italy.
But in terms of sound...
I had the pleasure of being able to listen to it, but I didn't like it at all.
Sure it is a budget product, extraordinarily well made but in my opinion, it is nothing special in terms of sound.
PS Audio Stellar S300 to my ears sound much better.
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Good to know thanks @gill. I actually owned the PS Stellar 300 back in late 2018 and initially liked it but after a few months it just didn't move me. When I listened to other amps they all had more detail and a foot tapping quality.
I'm still hoping to get to listen to the PA-10 myself.

I would like someone to compare the March p501  to the van alstine M225's to the gold note p 10 bridged.