Goldmund cable for goldmund amp....

Thanks for a advices of 'Which is the best cable for Martin-Logan? ' Now I use Transparent. and I changed my amps levinson&kreall to ARC ls5&vt100 and I don't like its sound and now I use 'Goldmund 8 & 7'. well... they are old models , but my ML makes best sound. but it use only rca inters . would you recommend a good inter for goldmund? I try P.A.d collosus ,XLO sign..,jps. what about Goldmund cable? or nordost Spm? is here anyone who use goldmund amps?
The nordost will be a good match but my favourite cables for the moment are one of the new NBS Monitor series. They have that magic which seems to be missing from most of the great cables including the SPMs.
With Goldmund I'd use Siltech anything from their line or if you must to use a network cabel I'd go with MIT.... GOOD LUCK