Good amp for JM Lab Daline 3.1

I just got these. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good amp.

Should I go solid state or Tube.
I remember hearing these several times years ago at a shop and was impressed. Almost bought them. I think the dealer mainly used tubes (EAR and Aronov, I think), although he also used some ss amps (EC and a class A SS amp, I believe). I think the tweater could be a little bright with the wrong SS amp, but they have good resolution, so I wouldn't use a very warm sounding tube amp either. Some of the ASL tube amps may be a good match, or a Sudgen integrated. Maybe even a Pass alpha, or an Aronov if you can find one used. Good luck.
Depends on your budget or course but there are many options as the Dalines sound good with tubes and solid state. They are very nice sounding speakers. Do you want an integrated amp or separates? They are efficient at 89DB so power should not be an issue but I have found the speakers can provide excellent low end with the right amp. The Focal tweeter is actually fairly warm in this application. They will not sound bright in most applications but will reveal a harsh amp or poor digital source. I have good results on my Dalines with a Bryston B60R, Naim Nait 5, Rotel RA-02 and a 15w ASL. I now use a Panasonic SA-XR45 for my second system. It is amazing how well this inexpensive all digital amp drives the Dalines for $300. The Panny really brings them to life with speed and control believe it or not with no need for a sub.
Try tube amp like may like it...
I think you do not need to many wpc
My friend have a JM Lab and Dynaco tandem...what a warm and clean sound...
I would prefer seperates. But if there is a good integrated that is an excellent match I would go for that too. What about CJ equipment?
CJ ss should be good like Sonographe SA-250 or the MF series. Best bang for the $. Cheers.