JM Lab Daline's/Chorus line similarities?

I am thinking of purchasing a pair of JM Lab Chorus loudspeakers, and was wondering if any of the technology from the Daline line was passed down to the Chorus line?
From what I was told the Daline was a transmission line speaker, while the Chorus is not. However, they seem to have the same tweeter, any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
I own the Daline 6.1's and bought a friend a pair of Cobalt 810s. The Cobalts are more in line with the Dalines in terms of sound and quailty than the chorus. Neither the Chorus nor the Cobalts are transission line. As such the bass is not as low. However both the chorus and Cobalts are great sounding. The Cobalts are bit more transparent, sweeter and deeper in bass than the chorus.