Good amp pairing for Zu Dirty Weekend?

I purchased Zu Dirty Weekends a couple of months ago and I’m considering some alternate amplification. I’m currently using a Peachtree Nova 65 SE. I listen primarily to digital music via Tidal. I’d love to try something from Pass Labs or First Watt to experience some of that Nelson Pass goodness but that’s unfortunately out of my price range (looking to spend no more that 2k dollars). 

I came across this DIY kit from Amp Camp which is a Nelson Pass design. It looks like a fun project and I could continue using my Peachtree as a preamp.

I’ve also read about Decware as a good pairing. Entering the tube amplification world is also interesting to me.

Are there any other Dirty Weekend owners out there that have found an amp pairing they really enjoy given my budget?

Thanks very much for any advice. 

First Watt J2, First Watt F7 or a Pass Labs XA25 have all been mentioned in discussions I have had with Sean Casey at Zu Audio and Nelson Pass via email.  Reno HiFi has Demo models discounted. I have a Pass Labs XA25 on the way.
All the ZUs I've seen are pretty tube-friendly. Anything 15-60 watts will do nicely.
I purchased a pair of Dirty Weekends back in April and I love them. I am driving them with a Primaluna Dialogue Premium with KT150’s and the Primaluna Dialogue Premium Preamp.  More power than you’ll ever need. 
I built an amp camp amp and they are really good sounding for the money and it was really fun.  You only need a small amount of power to drive those. If you want an amp you don't have to build, the First Watts from Nelson Pass are amazing. 

Otherwise a tube amp with an EL34 or a 300B will likely deliver a fantastic sound profile with Zu speakers.  
Also, +1 for Schiit products. I don't own the Aegir, but do have the Freya and the Modi Multi. Great products and a great company.
Coincident Dynamo working well for me.  Really wanting to scratch the itch for the Frankensteins.  Otherwise, I will keep it!
Really interesting suggestions everyone. Much appreciated! I decided to pull the trigger on the Amp Camp 1.6 kit and I just finished soldering the resistors to the boards. I can’t wait to finish it and integrate it into my system. I’ve never used a dedicated amp before. I’ve also heard that the character of the Dirty Weekends can change dramatically based on amp choice, so I’m very curious how some of my reference recordings sound.

I’m making a list of future considerations based on suggestions in this thread. Again, thanks to everyone for offering your thoughts! I’ve had trouble finding a similar list for the DWs so hopefully this will be useful for other people too.
Congrats on the new Amp rjpwp001 

I've got some Omen DW's and a slew of amps including the Amp Camp.  It's a pretty good pairing.  It doesn't have the magic of tubes, but it's a very competent amp and great for the price.  Let us know how you like it.
To close out this thread for now I did get the Amp Camp but I ended up having problems getting it to function properly. I need to have someone who really knows electronics to look at it. However I did end up selling my Peachtree Audio Nova SE65 for an Outlaw Audio 2160. I’ve always been curious about it with all the rave reviews. I will say this: it’s a much better pairing with the Zu Omens. It just sounds more fleshed out and the bass has much more weight. So far I’m really pleased with it. Maybe it’s that it’s class AB. Maybe it’s just Outlaw working some magic. But I can concur with the reviewers that’s it’s a tremendous value in a simple package. I’ll be satisfied for a while. 
I'm looking to get a pair of Dirty Weekends during their next production run, orders available in November.  I'm *hoping* to also get an Omen Center Channel, all three speakers will be driven by an Aegir in balanced mono.
I can't imagine the DW's will ever get even close to running out of the class A bias region running in mono.
From what I've read, tube or SS class A is a nice match for the Zu DW. I would love to try out ZU at some point. 
Denafrips Hestia and Hyperion.  Oh so good driving DWs w/Jupiter caps.  Better than the Yamaha A-S integrated or several tube amps I’ve tried.  Couple weeks of break n, then wow!  Iron fist, velvet glove.  Vinyl through this is an extra treat, great match to the body and warmth, music has both soul and punch.  Great drive, excellent timing, punch and finesse.  Importantly, it’s a fun combination with no tube hassle.  Highly recommended…

Zu was selling the rogue audio sphinx for some time. I’m guessing if they’re selling a rogue product it meets their standards, which as DW and Zu owner is an extremely high standard. Plus it meets the tube pre amp or input stage.