Good CDTransport (player) without DAC?

Hello, i have a great DAC Streamer (Elac DDP2), but now I an looking for an additional device to read CDs, but it does not need to have a DAC. 

Can you recommend a good price based CD Transport/Player? The CD reading quality should be good, but no need to spend money for an internal DAC as I have the DDP2. Would be nice if it also looks good, and not too old fashion. 

I found the
- Pro-Ject CD Box S2
- Pro-Ject DS2T

but the reviews are not saying a lot, especially ratings are medium low. Whats is your idea?
Try Audio Research CDT-1.  No, they're not manufactured anymore, but are 'tank-tough,' built to lofty standards, look beautiful still (at least to me) and have numerous playback modes and a have decent display.  It doesn't' have a USB port though if that's important to you.  I think they're going for 600-800 USD in the used market.
I checked with google and „CD Box RS2 T“ from Pro-Ject is a transport with I2S and should cost around 600-700 USD. But i dont know that device. My Elac DD2 just has two I2S iputs, and one of them is via HDMI, but i dont know if that brings any value..
Searching online for more info on the Audiolab transport I came upon this website: which  offers at a much too low a price to be true. Must be a scam, right?