Good movie and/or 4k disc recommendations?

I notice the Home Theater section has very little discussion about what people are watching.  I put in my 4k disc of "Blade Runner 2049" the other night and loved it.  The sound was fantastic on my 5.0 system.  My other favorite right now is "Ford v. Ferrari."

What do you guys like to watch these days?


I saw Kubrick's "2001" in theaters as a boy, and loved the monolith and the evil HAL computer scenes, but didn't understand anything else, especially the space baby ending.

Funny we believed there could be a Howard Johnson's hotel on the moon by 2001.

1917 and Heat are two of my favorites.  Oh, John Wick 1 and 2 - not so much 3.

John Wick 1 was a game changer, but the funny thing were all the online comments complaining "he never even got his car back" or "Wick lives in a glass house, they couldn't just shoot him from outside?"


So John Wick 2 addressed both of those complaints in the opening scenes.

Last weekend I went to a small Martin Logan audio exhibit.  In their home theater demo, they primarily used "Dune" and "Top Gun - Maverick."