Good movie and/or 4k disc recommendations?

I notice the Home Theater section has very little discussion about what people are watching.  I put in my 4k disc of "Blade Runner 2049" the other night and loved it.  The sound was fantastic on my 5.0 system.  My other favorite right now is "Ford v. Ferrari."

What do you guys like to watch these days?


The new "Top Gun", while having a pedestrian story, has action scenes that will knock your socks off. "Talk to me Goose.".

I purchased a Zidoo Z10 Pro which can upsample ALL content to Dolby Vision which I can display on my HDR10 PJ. I have been making the rounds buying second hand bluerays and DVD’s at $2 to $7 a pop and then watching them upsampled in Dolby Vision =stunning!

Lately I have been ripping discs to my NAS and watching a lot of concerts (Sting, Blue Man Group, Adele, Metallica, Elton John, Sinatra, etc).

In 4K


THE GOOD, THE BAD, and THE UGLY (Clint Eastwood’s epic legendary Spaghetti Western with its haunting soundtrack by Ennio Morricone)


The unit continues to surpise:

1) Inexpensive

2) Android based, download apps right from the google play app store

3) The video quality from my rips via the Dolby Vision upsampling is better than watching the disk in my player or streaming from a service.

4) Great SQ streaming audio via USB to my Sony TA-ZH1ES DAC.

5) Nice GUI

6) The movies are aggregated on a "poster wall" along with details of the movie and even the trailers. Much better than looking at a list of links on my server.

Plenty of reviews on youtube for more info.


When you want a great movie that is different than your normal Hollywood blockbuster…. The 2012 1080p Blu-Ray of Masquerade.

Another movie that impresses me with the clarity of the picture is "The Sunset Limited" on HBO Max.  It's just Samuel L. Jackson and Tommy Lee Jones sitting around an apartment talking for 90 minutes, but the close-ups and the color tones always impress me when I watch it.  There are no surround sound effects, so sometimes I watch it in 2 channel stereo.  I have watched this movie more times than any other movie.  It's based on a play by Cormac McCarthy.

@dweller, I do like "My Dinner with Andre", though I haven't watched it in years.


@ozzy, "The Sunset Limited" dazzles mostly because of the great acting by Samuel L. Jackson.  He pretty much has to carry the movie, though Jones is also good.  (Jones directed it.)  The movie/play is basically a long discussion about whether God exists, but it has a lot of little side anecdotes and topics that keep it fresh.  Cormac McCarthy is one of America's best novelists.

The Martian looks and sounds fantastic.

Last night I watched 2001 - good transfer but not a great movie)

@gimmer - +1 on the Martian.

2001 was/is a ground breaking movie when released. Loaded with philosophy and stuff to make you think. The ending kind of weird but THC fixes this.

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2001 was boring when it came out, but for that era the special effects were amazing.  Today, my teenage daughters need John Wick, or Korean Zombie action to stay awake.

I saw Kubrick's "2001" in theaters as a boy, and loved the monolith and the evil HAL computer scenes, but didn't understand anything else, especially the space baby ending.

Funny we believed there could be a Howard Johnson's hotel on the moon by 2001.

1917 and Heat are two of my favorites.  Oh, John Wick 1 and 2 - not so much 3.

John Wick 1 was a game changer, but the funny thing were all the online comments complaining "he never even got his car back" or "Wick lives in a glass house, they couldn't just shoot him from outside?"


So John Wick 2 addressed both of those complaints in the opening scenes.

Last weekend I went to a small Martin Logan audio exhibit.  In their home theater demo, they primarily used "Dune" and "Top Gun - Maverick."

I tend to watch mostly independent and foreign films, and could provide many recommendations. But I’ll start with one, that could also appeal to those who watch mostly mainstream films:

Man on Wire

It’s a documentary of Philippe Petit’s remarkable, surreptitious (and obviously illegal) walk, in 1974, across a wire between, and at the top of the two World Trade Center towers.

It’s a really good film, and the story of how this extraordinary man’s dream was formed, developed, and executed, is fascinating.

It’s much better on a big screen, but here is a link to the full film on Youtube:

Man on Wire


Best Media Player Award goes to Zidoo NEO-S. The NEO-S has the same video front end as the Z9 and Z10, just the DAC is different. Which one you get depends if you need a DAC: