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Songs with excellent advice?
For women:  Nick Lowe, "All Men Are Liars"  
What's your experience with snooty HiFi salesmen?
My only negative experience was when I went to an audio store that had actually featured a bunch of Sony products at an event night, and I tried to buy a Sony HAP-Z1ES digital music player as an upgrade to my older Mac Mini.  This Sony item was pr... 
Good movie and/or 4k disc recommendations?
Last weekend I went to a small Martin Logan audio exhibit.  In their home theater demo, they primarily used "Dune" and "Top Gun - Maverick."  
Good movie and/or 4k disc recommendations?
John Wick 1 was a game changer, but the funny thing were all the online comments complaining "he never even got his car back" or "Wick lives in a glass house, they couldn't just shoot him from outside?"   So John Wick 2 addressed both of those c... 
Good movie and/or 4k disc recommendations?
I saw Kubrick's "2001" in theaters as a boy, and loved the monolith and the evil HAL computer scenes, but didn't understand anything else, especially the space baby ending. Funny we believed there could be a Howard Johnson's hotel on the moon by ... 
Good movie and/or 4k disc recommendations?
@dweller, I do like "My Dinner with Andre", though I haven't watched it in years.   @ozzy, "The Sunset Limited" dazzles mostly because of the great acting by Samuel L. Jackson.  He pretty much has to carry the movie, though Jones is also good.  ... 
Good movie and/or 4k disc recommendations?
Another movie that impresses me with the clarity of the picture is "The Sunset Limited" on HBO Max.  It's just Samuel L. Jackson and Tommy Lee Jones sitting around an apartment talking for 90 minutes, but the close-ups and the color tones always i... 
Good movie and/or 4k disc recommendations?
kota1, thanks for the tip on the Zidoo Z10 Pro.  Looks interesting!  
Heist/ crime songs
Since nobody has mentioned it yet: "The Nights The Lights Went Out in Georgia."  Original by Vicki Lawrence, or the Reba cover.  
Streamer/DAC - Where is the value?
At a recent Raleigh audio show (Audio Advice Live), almost all of the demo rooms were using the HiFi Rose RS150.  Even with $100k+ and $300k+ speakers.  It's 5k.      
A different kind of (inexpensive) Audio accessory.
😀 @mrskeptic      
Amp straight into the wall
My NAD home theater receiver bricked after a year, and the repair shop blamed the power conditioner.  I then used the unit again without a power conditioner, but it bricked again.'s another tweak that really works
I noticed a difference after playing the Ayre Glide Tone, but I noticed the same difference in my system later after playing a rock song at a very high volume.  
Beautiful Music That Reduce You To Tears
Your Favorite Christmas Song-One only Please-
And the other famous Harry (Nilsson)