good tube preamp match for classe ca300 amp

am in process of upgrading system . i now have vtl 2.5. preamp . because of budget i need to buy used. what tube preamp would mate well with my classe amp. other components are classe cdp100 cd player. current speakers are psb stratus gold. my plan is to upgrade speakers last-am thinking b&w 803d. i love the sound of the vtl preamps, but they are hard to find used. there are alot of both conrad johnson and audio research(ls 25 mk11) preamps on audiogon . i would hope to buy used under $3000. thanks for any advice.

I have try both Sonic Frontier, and Bat. I like the Bat better because it's fully balance and more reliable. Both of them are good match with Classe gear. I have Classe CA400 with Bat vk3i, Sonic frontier line 1 and 2 before that.

Good luck
You may also want to consider a ModWright SWL 9.0SE I use one with a Classe amp and a tube amp, am very pleased with it's preformance.
Good luck
Be patient, and wait for a 5.5 to pop up...Difference between it and the 2.5 is very big. 5.5 would also match those 803d's VERY well.