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Who has has a totaldac DAC?
@thieliste    I had the Total DAC and the Aqua in here and the Totaldac was faaaaar more my preference so I question this person. Not that Aqua isn't good, but they are completely different flavors.   
Considering a Backert Rhythm 1.4, talk me out of it
Backert is awesome, great support great product, can't ask for much more..I own a ARC preamp and love it but if I ever made a change it would be to the Backert or CJ.  
DCS Bartok APEX or LINA and master clock
@metaldetektor   Nope wrong again, I don’t own a TotalDAC but I have heard it extensively. I have an Audio Note DAC. I just call it like it is and what you said is ridiculous speculation.  
DCS Bartok APEX or LINA and master clock
@metaldetektor    Rationalize much? So dacs for sale give you validation in the choice of dac you made...Thats what that statement says to me about TotalDAC since they have a robust upgrade program where one can send them in and have them upgrad... 
@ecpninja    I love these guys who run around forums saying they have an AN dac...Meanwhile they have a kit copy of an Audionote DAC, they paid literallly 1/4 of the price for built by some unemployed dude who lives in his Moms basement and thin... 
Weiss dac 204 vs Accuphase dac 60 card
@ddafoe    Basically what the reviewer said, in less words, is there is no comparison. I"ve listened to both these dacs in my home, in my system. There is NO comparing the Totaldac to the weiss dac. The TotalDac is the superior dac as it should ... 
Anyone upgrade to the Merason Dac1 mkii?
I have the La Scala in my system now for an audition and it's an absolutely spectacular DAC. I have an MSB discrete for 4 years and this is better by a good margin...I've also heard the Merason (not in my system) and I don't think it compares to t... 
Opinions about Daniel Hertz
@mikelavigne      Gimme a break Mike...You have run through 3x as much gear as Huff...Not to mention you're both literally the same hifi persona schilling for brands you love.   
Playback Designs MPD6 or Bricasti M21?
I was considering these two units as well..I would say the Bricasti is the better choice for many reasons. Streamer built in, it's literally two dacs in one, upgradeable...I'd get the Bricasti for sure.   
Your opinion members of the sonics of the Bricasti M21 and Berkeley Alpha Reference 3
@modavid  Where did you get your Bricasti? Considering the m21 or an Audio Note DAC. What else did you listen to?   
Audio Note DAC Owners- please share your thoughts
@tvad    great review of your experiences with these dacs..Thanks for taking the time as many of them are on my short list of dacs for my system.   
Aries-Cerat Helene Review
@tonywinga lol, yes indeed it's a beast to deal with when it comes to shipping and recrating. Beautiful design overall, glad you are happy with yours. Feels good to be settled into what you were looking for for sure.    Enjoy your DAC!   
Aries-Cerat Helene Review
@charles1dad   "All comments/feedback that I’ve encountered concerning the Helene DAC has been unequivocally positive."   I just shattered your world apparently...I wasn't trying to solve a dillema but I have first hand experience with the da... 
Aries-Cerat Helene Review
I have the Helene here in my system...First impressions, it's annoyingly heavy, it's resolving, and throws a MASSIVE sound stage, but...In my system the DAC is almost too neutral for my ear and lacking something in the mid bass region. Sounds good... 
Aries-Cerat Helene Review
@audition__audio    Again, I get it, Bob is alot to handle, I take him at face value, nothing more. What cables did you move to from IAK?