Goto Unit

I'm in the process of piecing together a set of four-way speakers with Goto horns for highs, high-mids and low-mids. Thing is though, I've never actually heard Goto drivers before so I'm kind of just going on blind faith that they will be worth the cost and effort once all is said and done.

That being said, does anyone have any experience with Goto Unit drivers? How they sound, things to be aware of, tips and tricks etc.

Also I haven't settled on a sub woofer driver for the set up. If anyone has a recommendation for a woofer that can handle the 400-20hz range on less than 300 watts and will sound good with the Gotos I'd appreciate the advice.

From little bits that I have read here and there in the past, you should be in heaven.
Thanks Roxy. I've seen a little bit about them here and there as well but it seems like most people haven't even heard OF them let alone actually heard them. It's fun to mess around with rare esoteric stuff but I guess the lack of people to talk to is the price you pay.
Goto makes high quality drivers but knowledge is how one assembles a quality loudspeaker. A good num of driver and bass system options exist. I fear that you may lack the nessecary experance to assemble such a system. Maybe consider obtaining professional design assitance your spending a good deal of $ already. Your already going to run into time alignment issues by selecting Goto so your kind of selecting certain performance aspects without knowing if these are a factor for you and your system. And I think your in for a costly mistake.
Hey johnk,

You’re right, this is kind of a new hobby for me. I think I have a fair idea of how to go about it though. It will be a passive system so for time alignment I was just going to position the horns at the same plane. I was going to have them sit behind the subwoofer driver by about 18". For the subwoofer driver I was considering something by accuton, they have a couple high efficiency options that they say are quick response.

Wadaya think? Am I on the right track?

you should at least use a midbass horn then you can fill in with a sub or better sub  bass horn


I have sg505 DX drivers that go down to 200 hz. I'd rather not go with a horn for sub duty though since I don't want this rig to take up the whole room. Any suggestions for a sub driver?

Nikecb, you have chosen excellent drivers that will work well together.  You are off to magnificent start, and you probably don't realize how rare this is.  You see, many hardcore DIYers at some point decide that they are going to combine the best woofer with the best midrange and the best tweeter using the best crossover and the best enclosure, and they end up buying a bunch of very expensive drivers that do not work well together.   

You are way ahead of the game already, but what lies ahead of you now are decisions that will make a major difference in the end results.   The decisions you make at this stage will have far-reaching consequences. 

Not that this is any of my beeswax, but if I were you nikecb, I'd hire johnk as a consultant on this project.  There are only a handful of people out there who have the knowledge and experience to evaluate the various inevitable trade-off decisions you will be faced with in this particular situation, and John is one of them.   And there are very few people who could design a woofer system worthy of your Goto drivers to cover the decade from 200 Hz to down to 20 Hz.  Again, John is one of them.   

I fancy myself something of a designer, but I'm not even going to make a suggestion for your 200 Hz to 20 Hz woofer system because John has the kind of experience with no-holds-barred high-efficiency wide bandwidth systems that would make his suggestions far better than mine.  You don't need a bunch of well-intentioned pretty good suggestions - you need one or two excellent ones, and I don't want to dilute whatever John might have to say. 



Thanks Duke. I'll definitly consider taking John on for help. I probably won't be in a position to start putting everything together for a year or so though.

Here's the story, I'm in the US Navy and stationed in Japan. I've been wanting to build my own stereo system for a while I've just been waiting to come across the right components to start with.

Over here they have these used stores called "hard-off" that for some reason always have a reasonable ammount of used hi-fi equipment. A couple months ago I went into one near me to see what was new and they had a three way set of Gotos.

So I've got those but since I'm basically assembling this thing paycheck-by-paycheck it's going to be a while before I'm ready to start putting things together.

It has been a couple of years now, I am wondering if @nickecb ever made it out of the Navy and home with all of his Goto gear and started build his dream horn stereo.Curious where he ended up.

I have a small collection of Goto horns and YL Kundo drivers. Used to lurk on Romy the Cat's forum for bad advice. These required a lot of time to set up and get sounding right (and a lot of space); So much so that after a move they never came out of storage and I adopted a KISS mentality to the systems that followed. When you do get horns right they sound amazing.

I do realize this is an old thread but it was the only one that came up when I search Goto and I was thinking of unpacking this stuff in my new space.