Gotta love great customer service!


There are so many "complaints" about customer service, thought I would share my feel-good story.

Was thinking of building a new power supply for my Phono Stage - McCormack Micro Phono Drive. Owned it since new and thought it was time to upgrade the 22VAC wall wart. Gave up on that idea, so I contacted the folks at Jay's Audio - they had sold me a 12VDC PS for my turntable. Sadly, they do not make AC power supplies. 

Well, after a couple of emails, they kindly offered to make me one.

So, I ordered the unit on August 17th (A Saturday). Tuesday the 20th, I received notice it had been shipped. On the 22nd, it arrived!!!

So very pleased! 

Fast responses to emails and wonderful packaged.

There are days when I am grateful for what the Internet and caring companies can provide.

Thanks Alvin for making that so painless!


PS - No, I am NOT affiliated with Jay's at all - just pleased!