Graaf Amplifiers Factory closed down

I talked to my dealer this morning and he told me that Graff is officially closed. It is official.
I used to own the Modena monoblocks OTL and loved them. Their site is still up though.

Does anybody know anything else?
We had some idea that the writing was on the wall when the US distributor bought a set of amps from us.
It extremely sad that they closed down. They made one of the best sounding OTL amp out ther. Especially the GM 20 an GM200.
The Graaf factory has NOT closed down. I called the number in Italy this morning that is on their web site and spoke to someone about order a set of new tubes...
Rumour has it that Audio Analogue has come to the rescue. I am not aware of the full details but apparently AA will handle the management while G. Mariani (head designer of Graaf) will remain on board as a consultant.
They are already planning to restart production of the current models and a new CD Player (a first for Graaf) is on the cards.
YESSSS!! Maybe I will be able to purchase a 2nd Modena so I can run them as mono-blocks. This is one of the best 3 amps I have ever heard or owned.
The models that will be re-introduced, at least originally, are the GM 13.5B and the GM70; no news on the Modena yet. You can find out more at the site of Graaf's Dutch importer: (in dutch, but google translator should be useful).
Hi , Graaf factory will be reopened from Audio Analogue.

Mariani will work with them .

They stard the new production with a cd player and maybe with a Gm 50 integrated.

No more news from Italy.

I'm a Graaf lovers and i'l take care about my Gm 20 , Gm 70 , Gm 13.5 and Gm 50 .
Looks like Graaf is back. I own the Modena, GM200 and soon the new GM400