Grado Prestige Silver1 Cartridge - Thoughts

I just picked up (rather cheaply) a barely used Grado Prestige Silver1 cartridge. Any thoughts/experiences with it? I listen mostly to classic jazz. I would use it with a Music Hall MMF 2.2 paired with a Cambridge Audio 640p phonoamp. (Currently use just the stock "music hall tracker" cartridge).

You may get some hum as the arm moves towards the center

i had a project Xpressions with a grado Gold great warm sound but a slight hum with a Tube Box hum went away with a seduction phono amp.

now the hum was low and not really hearable unless you were near the speakers and no music was playing ymmv
Ok, thanks. I've heard there might be a hum. I already have some general hum/noise from my Exposure Integrated Amp. Again, not noticable unless near speaker with music off, so doesn't bother me.