Grado woodie with SOTA/Origin Live?

I am picking up a new SOTA Nova with Origin Live Encounter arm. Yipee! I am also considering a new high output cartridge, such as a Reference series Grado (Master, most likely). I have read about hum with Grados (due to them being unshielded?) with some turntables. Will this be an issue with a SOTA Nova? Is a Grado Reference Master a good match for an Origin Live Encounter arm? Thanks!
I had a Grado Sonata low output. I thought it was a musical cartridge, however, when I changed to a Benz, it revealed that the cartridge was grainy and had a "brown" quality to it. I suggest you listen to a Benz or Dyna and then make your decision.
You might find the 15 gram effective mass of the Origin Live and the relatively high compliance Grado a troublesome combination.

I'd proceed with caution on this.
I don't know about the Nova, but I recently installed a high output Reference Sonata in a 1980's SOTA Sapphire. There is a very slight hum when the cartridge is above the rotating platter. It disappears when the cartridge is not directly above the platter. It is not significantly different at the beginning, middle, or end of a record. It is impossible to hear when any music is playing, at any volume, but it can be heard within about six feet of the speakers when the room is quiet. I consider it to be acceptable. Hope that helps.