grant fidelity tube buffer experience

Just wondering if anyone has any experience with a Grant Fidelity tube buffer and just looking to see what kind of results you had. Currently I am running a Bryston amp and Martin Logan SL3's. I was thinking of putting the buffer between my Parasound phono stage and my pre amp. Any thought would be great.
I don't know anything about that particular buffer but I would also try it between the pre and the amp so that all sources get the benefit of tubes and then go from there.
I have one for about a month now and I love it. I sold decware z-box that is suppose to do the same thing and I find that the Grant is by far better. I softens up some of the edges and I believe the sound is better also,I paid $400 for the Decware and $150 for the Grant the Grant is a steal!! I used to own Logans and I believe it will help soften things up a bit but hook it between the source and your pre-amp.