Graphene, Rohacell, Permali - the future of audio

I think that we are living in a potentially thrilling time for the world of audio:

Class D amps - getting better and better -
All in one systems - Devialet et al (Hi fi becoming more compact yet still delivering the goods)
Vinyl revival (with a recognisance that direct drive really was the way forward)
Modern materials - Panzerholz for plinth - Rohacell in speaker drives (Magico)

How long before we see graphene put to use? I hope it comes in very soon because, like carbon fibre, the actual material is in plentiful supply and is not expensive to produce. Not only that but in being so light and strong allows uss to make things smaller and stronger. I can just imagine that we can make: driver cones, cables, tonearm tubes amongst other things - who knows?

I use a solid state integrated amp - so i wear my heart on my sleeve to some degree - this is in that I like the idea of keeping hi-fi compact and with high performance without betting just big and power hungry. Let's face it, in all aspects of engineering technology/nano technology we try to effectively achieve big results from smaller packages with less environmental impact at the same time.

I like old/retro hifi - and I love so many products of yesteryear, but by the same token those products: Quad ESL's and amps; Mcintosh amps; Marantz CD Players; Technics SP10's used the best technology available in their age, and we cherish such products. I personally think that the Devialet is one of the few products that draws together so many aspects in one amazing product - stylish? check; great sounding? check. versatile? check. compact? check - groundbreaking technology? check

What do you all think?
I have no answers as to when but the first time I read about graphene I thought hmm, how is this going to affect audio? I'm thinking this material could have some serious impact on many facets of our hobby.
Also thought about fly rods but that's not part of this forum. The possibilities could be vast.
WBT nanoGen connectors using graphene were supposed to be out now, but it seems maybe there is a delay until early next year.
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Hi Viridian
Whilst you are entirely right - I guess it is more the case of application that is new(ish) such as Rohacell in driver cones by Magico.
My point to some extent is that audio ought to utilise newer technologies/materials or use that which exists in a new way - to some extent it may well engage more people in high end audio. It might, in the long term, lead to falling costs (perhaps wishful thinking there!) who knows.
It's a discussion thread on an audio forum - let's see what people say here
Read this morning that Graphene will be used in body armor.
At some point ply material for radials tires?
I've been using the same vintage tube electronics for many year- pre-amp with outboard power supply, and two mono amps which employ 4 KT-88's each. All pieces have been significantly upgraded by the original designer, and sound terrific. They also use and waste a considerable amount of energy, occupy a lot of real estate on the large audio rack which I built, are visually hardly the most beautiful of black boxes, raise the temperatures in the listening room at least 10 degrees, and cost big bux to retube.

What OP says resonates with me as well: "I like the idea of keeping hi-fi compact and with high performance without betting (sic) just big and power hungry."

Increasingly, I've become very intrigued with the idea of going to either a fine integrated SS, or, if I were to keep the tube pre-amp, replacing the tube mono amps with one or two class D amp in the interest of "streamlining" and efficiency.