graphene again

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Neat, but it is not anywhere near room temperature!

The cool part about the article is how the alignment of two sheets of atom thick carbon change behavior. At fractions of a degree above absolute zero.

It doesn’t really matter whether the Graphene in products these days is real two dimensional graphene or graphene bits in solution or multilayer graphene as long as it works. No one ever said quasi graphene is terrible or doesn’t work at all. Graphene has been used in professional tennis racquets for six years. Is it real 2-D graphene? Who knows? Are graphene racquets any good? Ask Djokavic. Hes got one and he’s no. 2 or whatever. They’re also using graphene in pro cycling to make tires more puncture resistance. Puncture resistance can be measured. Is it real 2D graphene? Who knows. We also have graphene based contact enhancer and graphene enhanced fuses. Where’s the beef? 🐂 Tomorrow is here! Revel In your time.🕺🏻

If audiophiles had to wait for MIT or NASA to get off their butts we’d be in deep kimchi.

“When the going gets tough the tough get going.” - Blutarsky
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Actually, no offense to anyone, but multi layer graphene holds its properties pretty well. Electrical and mechanical. Especially two or three layer. Generally speaking, from what I can gather, up to ten layers is OK and still considered graphene. But beyond ten layers you got plain old graphite. So, I suspect, in fact, two or three layer graphene will perform very well, perhaps even in solution. Most likely bicycle wheels and tennis racquets employ multi layer Graphene. And two or three layer Graphene is available all over the place. It’s being manufactured by ton in many dedicated factories as we speak. It’s the Graphene Rush! The trick is what do you do with it? 😳