Great Customer Service from Beyerdynamic!

I bought a pair of lightly used, or demo I forget, Beyerdynamic phones a year or so ago here on Audiogon. I stupidly sat on the phones and bent the bow. I saw that Beyer sold spare parts so I emailed to ask if they had a replacement bow for my T770p, my plan being to purchase it. This was Saturday. Today I got an
email they had the part and would ship it out today, free of charge. A few hours later I had a tracking number. No questions asked no receipt or proof of purchase needed. Awesome customer service Beyerdynamic!
Great to hear jond. I have a pair of DT990's with one channel out; I was wondering if they were repairable.
I have always liked Beyerdynamic....good to hear that.  Still have a pair of DT911 which still sound good given their age.