David Lewis Audio--any customer experiences?

Has anyone been to this store and auditioned speakers?  What size of room are higher-end speakers demo'd in?


They have a lot of good stuff for sure. I used to go there sometimes when I lived right outside of Philly. It was a little crowded but certainly adequate for auditioning speakers. The man himself is an unusual guy, but I'm sure that there are several others working there.
It's just that I was looking on Google Maps, and some photos of the inside of the store showed up.  Judging from them, the rooms looked rather too small to let largish floorstanders develop properly.
He has some smaller rooms as well as larger rooms for listening. Just depends what you are going there to listen to. From my memory going there I believe there are six rooms. 
@roxy54 "The man himself is an unusual guy"

That’s about as accurate a statement as you will ever see here on Audiogon. By the way, even though the name of the business is David Lewis Audio, the owner’s name is David / Dave Serota...

I personally have always had a cordial relationship with him, though that seems to be the exception.

Something I always found funny in the way we used to use the term was a guy in my audio group who spends an appreciable amount of money on gear wanted to audition a component Dave carried, and called and had several long, enthusiastic, in-depth phone conversations about it. They agreed to have him come in for an audition, including the day and time. My friend took the afternoon off from work, showed up in a suit, and is a younger, handsome, fit, professional looking guy. He drove more than an hour to the store, at exactly the appointed time, and mentioned the door being locked, which is the norm for this business, as it’s not in the greatest of neighborhoods, and you’d never imagine such a high-end place existing there. Anyway, Dave answers, my friend introduces himself in a supposedly completely friendly, agreeable manner, with the excitement one has in meeting a new person in such an endeavor. Dave tells him he has no recollection of their discussions, and made it more than clear my friend was neither welcome nor would be permitted to enter, and closed the door in his face. Dumbfounded and bewildered, he rings again, only to be told to go away, and not return. The rest is a bit fuzzy to me, but I think my friend called again to try to work things out on the phone, hoping to jar Dave’s memory, to which Dave mentioned he specifically told him in person to go away and not come back

I’ve had several conversations with David Serota. They have all been cordial and informative. He is very knowledgeable regarding our audio obsession.

He has always given me and my friends honest opinions regarding upgrades and offers some of the best prices I have encountered. He has taken phone calls after business hours on his cell as late as 7:30pm. He always answers question from some of my closest friends regarding pricing and upgrades. Never once was he upset when they didn’t purchase even after putting him through the exercise.

David Serota made me the deal of a lifetime on my pair of new Totem Forest Signatures. I ws shopping for the Forest and a speaker cable change. The cables alone were over $1000. David suggested my cables were fine for the system- for now... He commented that he had a pair of new Forest Signatures in Cherry and suggested that since I had the budget, to spend the money on the better speakers now and get new cables when my budget allowed. The price he offered me made it impossible to turn down the deal.

I am very satisfied with my purchase and service. The speakers look and sound amazing.


David Lewis Audio was always a great and customer-centric dealer for Nagra and dCS when I worked for both brand's service departments.
I have known and purchased audio equipment from David for over a decade. I find his understanding of high end audio, it's manufacturers and the sound of th equipment second to none. As a result, even though I live in NYC, i never purchase audio equipment without consulting him.  Cheers. R
david lewis audio has been a well respected pa-based retailer for many many years, and has carried a wide selection of very nice higher end gear

i have not met him in person, but we have spoken several times over the phone, and he has always been courteous and helpful
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@yogiboy Thanks. I'm in Denver but drive across the country to see family from time to time. This is why I asked Jeff J. at JA to give me a list of dealers. I could plan a road trip that way. But nope, no soap. State secret. Sigh.