Green Mountain Audio at RMAF

Did anyone hear the new Callypso and Pico speakers from Green Mountain Audio. My work schedule made it impossible for me to attend the show this year. I would appreciate your views on Roy Johnson's new designs.

Not sure which model of Green Mountain, but a monitor.

Quite the evaluation for someone who didn't spend enough time to know the name of the speaker........
What is impressive in a short-term show setting is probably deep bass and treble extension. What will be enchanting over a long relationship has little to do with these qualities though. In fact, deep bass might be overbearing long term, and what tickled your fancy with sparkling treble might end up being bright, analytical, unnatural.

So, a brief, unspectacular audition COULD mean the speaker is well balanced and doesn't highlight the audiohead touchstones. My Zu speakers are this way. Until the room is quiet and you can pay attention, they don't jump up and demand attention. But when proper focus is given, it is rewarded.
Why would I inquire about the model of the speaker that was unimpressive? We listened, and then moved on. I was expecting a great sound, based on previous postings. I did not hear it. Hearing and taste are personal. It did nothing for me.

By the way I forgot to add the Zu speakers as also impressive.
I can understand Tlday's response - I doubt Europas will impress anyone on first listen unless conditions are appropriate.

I bought my Europa's used, having not listened to them previously. I did so based on all of the raves on this site and elsewhere.

On first listen I would say my reaction was the same as Tlday's - unimpressive. Actually, I was a little dissapointed. That was after one or two cd's; however, I played on, and shortly began to hear things I hadn't before. I also had to tweak the placement and they got better. I read more more of the discussions here - especially regarding break-in, and even though mine were used, they had less than 100 hrs on them. Long story short, I played on and as they burned in (I would say about 300 hrs) they lived up to the hype.

For the money they can't be beat. Some recordings they treat rudely, but more often on most recordings they will blow you away.
Bd, I'm glad to hear you're happy with the Europas, I had exactly the opposite "first impression" with the Europas... I home demo'd a pair from a dealer and I placed them on top of my Totem Forests, no special s/u and from the first listen I knew they were something special. After I switched the speaker cables back and forth several times, it just confirmed my first impression.

Regarding Tlday's comments about his impressions, not really a big deal or suprise, some people just aren't ready for the 1st order time aligned sound, I think it can catch folks off guard if not prepared to appreciate it, kind of like what you experienced. On the other hand, everyone has their own likes/dislikes.