Gryphon Apex Stereo vs Mephisto Solos

What will be the smart decision. Purchasing Apex stereo or Mephisto solos. Gryphon brochure and on line web page shows Apex seems better or equivalent to Mephisto solos and slightly cost less On the other hand, Mephisto is still a proven and beloved mono amplifier although it is 8 years old design.

I am on the market to purchase my new amplifier and need your comment and advice for right decision,



That's A Tough call. I also have the Mephisto/Pandora and this same quandary has seeped into my thought process as well. Was very close to pulling the string on Apex Stereo/Commander, deal fell apart with what I needed to get for my Mephisto/Pandora. The Solos are exceptional. The Mephisto could be one of the best stereo amps ever made. Now Apex. What speakers do you have or plan on having long term? How large is your room? To appreciate any of the for mentioned, speakers have to be worthy of Gryphon. With this depth of commitment think long term and envision what your future system will look like.

Hi jakesnak, I have Kharma Exqusite Midi and plan to upgrade to Magico M6. My room size (basically it is a living room) is 18' x 18' x 8'. I planned to upgrade VAC master and now I am keen to have Commander after watching YouTube discussion between Jeff Fritz and Rune Skove.

Hi Peter, I spoke with Jeff and Rune. Jeff has a future demo scheduled for the APEX Stereo, NO COMMANDER. In which I find odd? Jeff is a nice guy to talk with so is Rune for that matter. Magico M6 with anything we mentioned will be exquisite! Apex/Commander with M6, would be world class. My room is 30 X26 X 26H, and the Mephisto gives me incredible head room. It's the most transparent amp I have ever been around. You would think the new Apex/Commander is fantastic. For me how much more fantastic than what I have? Where the Solos would shine (I think) is musical separation? I also understand  the desire in buying a more current design. I have Joseph Audio Pearl 20/20's. Great speakers that do everything right. I started thinking where am I going to get the biggest bang for my money? With my back to my system if someone magically switched between Mephisto/Pandora with my JA Pearl Speakers, Vs Apex/Commander, with my JA Pearls. Am I going to to jump out of my shoes with the APEX/COMMANDER improved SQ? Not sure? Now if you place say a pair of Rockport Lyra's in the fray, I suspect one would be able to differentiate a little easier? I think?? Take your time. with proper homework and a boat load of money these things work themselves out. One hopes! Good Luck.




John, I envy you have such a great musical (audio) space. I am keen to place order next week for Apex stereo/Commander although I will not be able to accomdate M6 due to space constraints but M3. Upon Rune from Gryphon, there is no such thing like too much power (amplifier) for speakers and I agree with him. I am anxious to know if Apex/Commander likes Magico M.

Peter you are in a enviable situation. Agreed in regards to never too much power. You will not be disappointed with Apex Stereo/Commander. I am fortunate in regards to my musical space. Great acoustics. A friend came over who is a singer, and she couldn't resist breaking out in song due to the open nature of the room. You will have the bones for one incredible system! That Commander is a beast! So is the APEX! The Mephisto/Pandora is the most neutral/ transparent  combo I ever had. I never had a stereo amp (with the exception of many years ago). According to Rune, Apex/ Commander incorporates all the nuances of previous components. My DV2 DAC pairs very well with Mephisto/Pandora. If I had a more analytical sounding Dac, don't know if that would be the case?  Always had monoblocks, and I have never been any more pleased than with Mephisto/Pandora. M3, 91 sensitivity, 4 ohms. It will seldom our never come out of medium bias, unless its a bad recording. You can PM me keep me posted, I will be very curious as to what you think. No problem picking my brain if any questions come up. Good Luck, you are in store for one fun, wild ride!!



Peter, After Thought: Keep in mind your cables, 2 per Apex/Commander. I'm using all Furutech with both the Pandora (overkill) and the Mephisto with great results. If you want to discuss further PM me. As mentioned the two cables I am using on the Mephisto are the same as on the power supply of the Pandora. Its really a waste of cable for that application.






What would be the greatest improvement in terms of SQ between a new Commander preamp or new Mephisto mono amps in a system composed of Essence momo amps and a Pandora preamp?

I’m waiting for the all new Gryphon Diablo 333 Integrated amp to come out later this year that will be a real game-changer! 😈BIG... IMPROVEMENT...