Gryphon Daiblo 300 owners with dac and phono module

Im a new owner of a Gryphon Daiblo 300 with phono module and consider buying the dac. I like the sound of the phono module in the Diablo 300 and wonder if the dac module sounds like the phono module? 

Today i use my old preamp Mcintoch C53 in passthru just for the dac. And when i compare C53 dac and gryphon phono module the phono module sound mutch better and have way more bass. When i use the dac in c53 there is almost no bass. Does the Diablo 300 dac module have the same bass and weight as the phono module?


I use the Diablo DAC module in my 300.  I also have the phono module but have never used it since I have a stand alone phono pre that can handle my three tonearms.  The DAC module performs well.  I compared it to a couple of external DACs (Ayre QX5/20, Weiss 501 and Weiss 204) and decided to continue with it as my primary digital player. I feed it by USB from a Wolf Audio Alpha 3SX server.  

If you want to keep things simple, the Diablo DAC module won’t disappoint you. It will be helpful for readers to know what streamer you are using to feed the DAC?

“I use a pc with jcat latest usb card with externa powersupply”

In that case, Diablo DAC module should provide plenty of thrills.