Gryphon Diablo or Accuphase E-450

Im downsizing my amplification from a Nagra PLP & VPA monos to a one box solid state integrated. This is due to a change in my personal circumstances, available space AND young children (i.e. valves/fingers).

Ive shortlisted the Gryphon, as i used to have a Mikado and really loved it and the Accuphase which has a good reputation. My speakers are Peak Consult Princess Signature floorstanders on Finite Elemente Cerapucs, speaker cabling is XLO Unlimited with Accustica Applicata DAAD diffusers behind.

My sources are a Raven AC TT with various arms, carts and phono stages / step ups, so i need not worry about a phono input on the amo. Digital is a Lindemann CDP and a Wadia iTransport.

The 2 amps i have shortlisted both have strenths an weaknesses - i just wondered what the concensus was in terms of opinion as to whats 'best' - all subjective i know - but be good to hear some views. Im not really keen to widen the selection from either of these two.

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To bad you are not willing to consider widening your selection of amplifiers. I have not auditioned the Accuphase E-450 but i have auditioned the Gryphon Diablo and whilst i think its a great product and obvious contending match for the Mikado - it is nonetheless eclipsed IMHO by GamuTs DI 150.
the e450 is one of the great all purpose integrateds. accuphase often gets overlooked...andthe grython is nice...but the e450 will drive anything to the max with no coloration and outlive most components. it is not fussy either. a classic.
Hi Lee,

I was in a similar situation to you recently and ended up with an Acuuphase e-450.
I am really happy with mine, and also use the optional phono card for LP duties.

Having heard some older Accuphase amps I was surprised to find the newer models sound a bit more open and detailed.

While i haven’t heard the Diablo, most reviews describe it as being a very detailed fast sounding amp so my guess would be it could sound somewhat bright in some systems?

If you have any other questions about the E-450 feel free to ask.

Regards Rob
Hi - im leaning towards the E-450 as the dealer i use a lot over here, and where i got my Peak Consults from has the PC/E-450 combo on dem and having heard it - im very impressed. The Gryphon dealer is 500 miles away and there is only 1 here in the UK so it would be a lot of hassle.

Thanks for all the replies so far.


I would also listen to the Luxman Integrated. I forget the model but it is the 30 Watt Class A. It is similar to Accuphase in looks and sounded wonderful driving Vivid Audio speakers in a very large room at RMAF. This room was thought by many to be one of the best at the show. A dealer I work with used to sell Peak Consult (might still do) and Luxman.
I also 2nd the opinion of the E450. Its a very good integrated and one of the best out there. Very linear sound. very powerful,detailed, slightly on the warm sound and ultrareliable.
I have just replaced my Bryston B100 SST withe an Accuphase E-450 and could not be happier! Its an awesome amplifier, really the best I think! Timbral accuracy is first rate! I would heartily recommend the Accuphase E-450. You won't be dissappointed!
I own an E55o with Merlin VSM, and it is close to the performance of my Berning ZH270 and Prototype-Pre, which says a lot, the latter being one of the classic speaker-amp combinations. Depending on your power requirements, you might prefer the Class A Accuphase 550?
And - I you havent done so, I might be interested in your Nagra gear ;-)
I own a Accuphase E-202 and several C-200's I had recapped, and a newer P-350, I can't sell them,so,my Son Aaron will get them someday,there great.
Get the E-550 instead. It is SO MUCH better sounding than E-450. You should be happy downsizing from Nagra (which I also know rather well). Diablo sounds distictly different from both Nagra and E-550, so be sure to try before you buy.
Agreed, the E-550 is better sounding but it runs hot (class A). The E-450 has more power but sounds very. very good.
That is two very different amps you are considering. The Accuphase is warmer and sweeter than the Gryphon which is more towards details and speed - and too analytical for my taste. I would definately have chosen the Accuphase.
while Accuphase builds great integrateds IMO its not in Gryphon Diablos level...i dont agree in Cappuccinos statment that Diablo is too analythical(lol)...its very neutral and product and your final sound will highly depend on source...Diablos details are pure microdynamical by nature, and speed(prat) is correct nothing exaggerated so please dont misinform people in forum...
Lee, I am in the UK too and am having similar thoughts. The Diabolo presumably would be from the Music Room in Glasgow. I heard it there, when I bought my current amp, the Pathos Inpol2. I could'nt really compare them, they were in different systems and I was there to audition the Pathos.

I don't know if you have found a source, but I am not sure where you will hear an Accuphase amp. I asked the UK importer RT services I believe, just 10 miles from me, in didcot. He is the distributor, but does'nt keep any in stock, he will get them in from Germany, for you to hear! That sounds a bit suprising.

Someone else on the Gon gave me a heads up about a Dutch site, which always has some Accuphase on sale second hand. They turn over quite quickly, so you can keep checking on it. Personally, I think European ne prices are insane, for Accuphase. You can also buy new from Japan, as you may know, but Japanese voltage. I am told conversion to UK voltage is quite easy

Do report back, if you buy either
I suggest you add the Luxman 590ax integrated class A amplifier to your audition list. I own one driving Sonus Faber Auditor M Speakers. It sounds excellent on all type of music. The 590ax is fully balanced and provides two balanced inputs. I have the Ayre CX-7e CD player and the Magnum Dynalab 809t Internet tuner both running balanced connections to my 590ax. The Luxman Distributor, On Higher Note, reports all 590ax's are made in Japan. All of the amplifiers mentioned above are excellent. If possible, I suggest you audition them to decide what is best for you, your listening room and the rest of your system.

Hi badger748

Sorry for the off topic. I saw your post on another group. Do you still own the Devores?