Gryphon Mephisto

Here is an update with my Gryphon Mephisto: Connectivity was directly from my EMM LABS DV2. After some time I found it too edgy and forward. Lowering the gain on the DV2 helped, but still not to my liking. Couldn't find a Pandora anywhere. I called John at Audio Salon, (Great guy to Do business with) never had any dealings with him before. He had a Zena. I figured the Zena would give me a pretty good sonic presentation as to what to expect from the Pandora. Sure enough I knew in the first 5 minutes. Fantastic presentation, its a very good preamp. Separate PS with the Pandora, dual AC power, will only make things better. I ordered a new Pandora. Gryphon is making one. If anyone is interested in a Zena PM me. Only thing is the Pandora will take 2-3 weeks. I'll update this after the Pandora arrives. My room is huge 30 X 26 X 26H. Big A-Frame. This creates denominators that are not typical. 
"You should go listen to the Sim audio 850p, it is way better than the Gryphon, but it costs $32,000 US. Phenomenal preamp."   

If you want to be taken seriously, hyperbole should be avoided at all costs. A Porsche 911 GT3 is "way better" than a Honda Civic, but to apply that same standard when comparing $30K+ preamps is ludicrous. 

jakesnak OP
Here is an update with my Gryphon Mephisto: Connectivity was directly from my EMM LABS DV2. After some time I found it too edgy and forward.
That’s not the fault of the Gryphon, if anything they are more Class-A in sound, which some say "is slightly dark", I say "smoother with no edge" and very transparent and detailed.
If it’s sounding "harsh" as you say, it’s showing up something else in the system for what it is, and not masking it.

Cheers George.
Agreed George it is not the Mephisto. I talked with other Mephisto owners, DCS Vivaldi direct and they had similar observations. He has Rockport Lyra's. I know from a electronic engineering aspect the numbers from the DV2 should align. When you run it direct its less forgiving to a large degree. With the pre its also not forgiving. Nature of a good system. The Mephisto is very neutral. I've heard slightly darker comments, tube like. That is not my take at all. My set-up is extremely transparent. The Mephisto is the most neutral, transparent, detailed amp I have had. This topic of Direct Vs Pre has been dissected over and over again. No one would have been happier than me, if Direct sounded best. I always value your opinion George. John
@bob540  Many times I wish I never got in the audio equipment upgrade merry go round.  You're fine not getting involved at the 6-digit level for a system.  It's like Sheryl Crow's lyric in her song, 'Soak up the Song'.  
I don't have digital
I don't have diddly squat
It's not having what you want
It's wanting what you've got
@jakesnake  You mention that 'Gryphon made it very clear as to place the power supply separate from the Pandora Pre. Bigger sound stage and more separation.

When Gryphon says to place the Pandora power supply separate from the Pandora pre-amp, did they mean to place the pre on a different dedicated electrical circuit than the power supply?  

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