Guizu furniture (Nobility furniture) from China

I believe there was a "group buy" on this furniture several years ago on AudioCircle ... I think Grant Fidelity had some for a time too
Truly some of the best looking racks available and the prices back then seemed reasonable (especially for walnut)

I do not see any way to purchase these in the USA except to get direct from the manufacturer ... Does anyone here own one??  If so, what do you think of the build etc??

Also, on a side note, does walnut GROW in China or are they importing wood from USA or other and building racks there???

I believe most walnuts come from China but I am not sure their walnut trees are furniture grade. They are a big importer of hardwood ,  good question. 
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I've always lusted after their furniture back in the days when Grant Audio used to carry their line. It still looks nice. 
There used to be another dealer who carried some of their line who's located somewhere around the Great Lakes region. I can't remember their name but when you clicked on their site, they had the sound of wind blowing softly in the background. I don't know if they're still around.

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I just remembered the site, it's Quest for Sound and they don't have any Nobility furniture so I probably confused them with someone else.
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Really great looking furniture that I have also lusted after ... There are/were some USA craftsmen who make beautiful racks (Core, Box Furniture, HHG to name a few) ... Unfortunately well out of my price range.  I seem to recall that the Guizu racks were about 25% of the price.  While I normally will not buy things like this from outside North America, I would probably make an exception in this case.

As for walnut I had not considered the grade.  The grain on the pictured racks appears excellent so I ASSume it may be imported if true Chinese walnut is not "furniture grade".

I really wish a dealer in the USA would import these.  There are MANY options from well  known companies BUILT  in China so why not these??  Certainly enough Chinese company electronics to choke a moose available here.

Quest for Sound imports a decent amount of Chinese electronics but no furniture ... Too bad because they are only about 2hr from me!  Maybe I should send them an email ... Never know they might be interested in becoming an importer
It's beautiful stuff for sure, but I would miss the adjustable shelves. I would also feel bad if I scratched it.
Looks better than some and not as good as others, I guess the value will be based on the pricing, which I didn't see - it appears you call-in to get the prices.

Everyone decides for themselves where they fall with regards to appearance vs. function.  For function, I have enjoyed Sound Anchor.  For appearance, I have had good luck with some of the Amish furniture makers for both coffee table/end table furniture that can be used to support equipment and also for cabinets that a few of them make.  The tables are very solid and the cabinets can be self-customized if necessary by adding bracing, venting, and improvements to shelving (i.e., materials, mass, and damping) as-needed.  
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