Haggemann phono preamp?

A real giant killer, Does anyone know where I can get some info on this product? So far search results have been nil.
Thank You For Your Help.
Member "Avivey" has one and loves it. He says it killed his Herron phono stage. Contact him about it. He can give you first hand info on how he likes it.
audioasulum.com forums. I believe Jim Hagerman is a regular poster over there.

Are you interested in the Trumpet or Bugle phone stage?
I recently acquired a Hagerman Trumpet phono stage. I like it alot. It is a substantial improvement over the Monolithic ss preamp it replaced. I don't know if it is a giant killer, but I believe it is a very good value for the money. His kit preamps are supposedly very good, and if you can build it yourself are incredible bargains. Jim Hagerman has an interesting background (posted on his website). He is an extremely knowledgable and experienced engineer. It's great that this hobby attracts talent like that.
Thank you all for your help. I think at this time I would like to compare the, Haggemann Cornet phono and the Wright pp 100c tube phono preamplifier, both are at the $700 price point, as is the Blackcube with the pwx power supply. Checked out his web page. Now I remember Fermer reviewing the Trumpet. It was a short review. He did a poor job not using a step up transformer, and a couple or older cartridges. Mikey finding fault said, "the Trumpet's 66dB signal/noise ratio couldn't match the Lamm's 86dB in MM mode, and its 750 ohm output impedance means you'd better keep your interconnects very short." I really enjoyed Mr. Haggemann's comments back to stereophile, when they measured the Bolder phono stage's signal-to-noise at 58dB. He asked "was it objectionable?" and "I do not consider a 750 ohm output impedance to be worrisome. It is remarkably low for an all-tube amplifier, and almost five times better than the LP2. It is, in fact, low enough to drive ten meters of typical interconnect past 200kHz"
Rockinroni, be VERY careful when you refer to the reviewers who write about the phonocorectors, cartridges, arms or TTs. (the analog gear in particularly) Even a VERY limited percentage of them who accidentally knows what they do are still (in context of contemporary reviewing strategy) disabled to conduct a comprehensive analyses of the analog products. Therefore you won’t be able to correlate the Fermer’s comments about the phonostages with Reality and therefore they pretty much should be ignored. Yes, an “absolute noise numbers” could be very bogus if they are not properly interpreted in context of something else...

Haggemann, Lamm, Trumpet, Bolder and the rest of the black boxes that he toss into the game are just the playing cards in his game of “saying nothing”… It is funny, though, that how you, looking at fish that silently moves her lips, can recognize a blueprint for operation Barbarossa coming from her mouth…

Romy the Cat
The Trumpet is trully one of the few audio products that is a keeper. Even before I heard it I had that majical feeling. It's a thing of beaity and the sound is even better. Let's just hope Mr. Hagerman will design an amp that performs like the Trumpet. If he does I will be the first to buy.

I'm not an EE but the technology used in the Trumpet exceeds the Herron the Lamm and the 10K BAT's.

I really can't explain it. If you've ever heard a Berning ZH-270, Merlin VSM-M's, Nottingham Turntables..... well this product is better than even those excellent components.

This is may favorite piece and I will NEVER give it up!

What shocked me the most was how low it's priced considering it sounds better than phono pre's in the 5-10K range. Yes it is dead quiet. Yes it does make your speakers sound like there's a sub playing. Enough!

I love it.

On top of all this my table and the rest of my equipment is resting on a cheap flexy rack. W/in the month I plan to wall mount my TT :^)

Buy it!