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why are most new releases going to four sides?
That's why they invented polycarbonate. Get up and flip you records, I say. There is nothing wrong with 2 songs per side. They should even go the full monty and make them 45rpm and 200g. There I said it. 
Your favorite prog rock music? ?
What song turns back the clock?
Vince Guaraldi Trio - Linus and Lucy. 
Music Hall MMF-2: How much can it be improved?
The footers I have are to the Dayton Audio DSS4-BC, $20 for a set of four. But you could certainly get a more ambitious set like the Mapleshade Heavyfoots. 
Music Hall MMF-2: How much can it be improved?
The only two worthwhile upgrades are the Michell clamp and cones to defeat the stock suspension. Then you can move the clamp with you to a new table (or sell both). I would place one cone or footer directly on the underside of the plinth under the... 
Turntable Shoot Out $2000-3000
Lots of good tables in this range. Everyone has an impressionable favorite. It's going to be hard to point you in the right direction. I don't think you've listed any poor choices. The differences are going to be hair splitting unless you are a se... 
what is good sound ?
Something that makes you want to either sit and listen or shell out money for it in the first place. Then that is good. It's sound that gets out of the music just far enough to actually let you appreciate the music. or taken another way...Conan wh... 
what is good music?
Anything that people want to hear or appreciate. Your first question seems to be the dichotomy of cerebral (brain) versus carnal (soul). To truely be good it needs a blend of both cerebral and carnal appreciation. The examples that show (not prove... 
$3000 on Analog system - how to spread?
And cleaning solution, protractor for cart alignment, etc, etc. It all adds up. That's even before you buy replacement outer jackets and inner sleeves. Oh, I forgot the record cleaning brushes and some sort of brush (likely carbon fibre) to dust t... 
How flat should my room response be?
If you don't have any room correction equipment, then I would say +/-5dB, since that is what I shot for. I find that the biggest improvements (without electronic or digital correction) are from a combination of speaker and chair placement. Often w... 
Tube newbie - recommendations?
The $1k tube amp territory gives you some nice choices where the build quality and sound quality really starts to vastly improve over the cheaper stuff. So it's worth the stretch budget-wise, if you can swing it. The problem comes from you trying ... 
Mixed Results from My Hifi
Black CD-Rs (memorex) act as an equilizer. You might try those (Assuming your CD transport / player can play them). 
How do you clean CD/DVDs ?
I have some polycarbonate cleaner that we use and a few microfilter cloths to wipe the discs clean (wet or dry). I forget the brand, it wasn't audio stuff, it was some commercial stuff for polycarbonate windows on pinball machines. We got it on eB... 
Your vote: Most Useless Audio Adjective
Mint or 9/10. since most gear described as such isn't. 
how would an entry-level tube system compare?
Not worthwhile for you based the type of tube-based gear you are considering. You'd be better off borrowing some all-out-$$$ tube gear from a friend or audio club member. I thinking is that cheap gear will not impress you. (notice there is a fine ...