Halcro DM68 or Pass XA 200.5?

Anyone compare these? I am almost sold on the Halcro but a friend has strongly suggested I listen the Pass XA amps. They will be driving a pair of Proac D80s.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
I am not a dealer for either but have experience with both. The Halcro is incredibly clinical and very resolute. The Pass Labs XA.5 series is also very detailed, resolute and powerful with greater musicality and harmonics.
I had the Halcro 58 amps in here and it's not even close. I switched to Pass XA-160 and now XA-100.5. Pass labs all the way!
Ignore Crna39.
He is a 'tool' for Pass Labs amps (just check out every single one of his "Answers").
Strange thing is, in 4 years, not a single mention of comparing the Halcro DM58 amps till now?
And how and why did that comparison occur when he is such a proponent for Pass? if you believe that, you believe in the tooth fairy.

If you are spending this kind of money, you need to hear both amps, driving your speakers in your room.
One will do it better than the other but no-one can tell you which one?

I've had the Halcro DM58 monoblocks for 3 years and they are the most neutral, transparent and distortion-free amps I've heard up until the Soulution 700 which sound remarkably similar to the Halcros.
I'm a huge Pass Labs fan, but I have to agree with Halcro's comments. Lately, I've heard both Spectral and Halcro amps driving Magico speakers. The sound was very good indeed. I think you have to audition each in your system with your speakers to make a fair judgement and determine which you will be happier with.
I would concur with the some of the above comments.

The Halcro is an amazing amp. For some it may lack that rounded class A type sound, but be in no doubt of it being one of the finest amps.

The Pass Labs I know less well, but they always sounded good if not still more conventional. The Halcro is so pure that it makes all other contenders sound distorted/grainy.

You have to try both in your own set up. It is the only way to be sure. I did notice the Halcro sounding different after a couple of days of use, I couldnt put my finger on it but somehow it opened up in some way. So leave them in for a few days.

Good luck sure youll be happy with either
interesting that you've heard both Spectral (I have the 360s) and Halcro on the Magico. Can you tell me a bit about your listening experience? Both are superfast amps. Thank you.
Hi Nirodha35. I just reread through this thread and I was completely mistaken in my post dated 1-27-10 above. I meant to write that I heard both Spectral and Solution amps with Magico speakers. I must have been subtly influenced by Halcro's comment about the Solution 700 a couple of lines earlier. I have never heard Halcro electronics.

To clarify, I have heard Solution with the Magico M5 at Sound by Singer. It was a very musical/involving experience. I have heard the Spectral 360 II monos with the Q5 and a 100W stereo Spectral amp with the Magico V2. These were also very nice combinations.

I upgraded my Pass XA100.5 to the XA160.5 after I bought a pair of Magico Mini II's. They needed the extra power/current and could probably still use more, as they are a demanding load. I have always liked Pass amps and the new XA.5 has been my favorite.

I would like to try the Spectral in my system, but that is for another day. The Solution and Halcro are over my budget. Sorry for the confusion.
My vote goes to Pass.

I am sure Halcro, Soulution and Spectral are all very technically competent amplifiers, but for some reasons, they simply do not move me.

Good news is, they are SO different in sound, you will be able to tell which 'school' you prefer with one quick session.

Between Halcro, Soultion and Spectral, my vote would go to Spectral.
I am wondering why everybody is so hype about the pass amps. I have owned the Halcros a few years back, and I found them to be very god sounding. I have never owned the XA 200.5 but I have a set of 100.5 along with a set of MSB M202 in my listening room right now, and the MSB´s blow the Pass monos away. The Pass´s ar very good indeed, but if you like neutrality and detail, there are better options out there.
Hey guys,they are all good amps, i owned them both, every
one like it different sound , some people their ears can handle a very high frequency , some don't. no matter how
good your amp is, if you don't have a room ,so..... the
room will -/+ 30% of your equiment, and plus the rest, they are all system match, so far no amp can sound like
an OTL amp.