Hales Alexandria

One 91) of these Alexandria is currently for sale on another site (guess which one). Does anyone know how many of these were actually produced? A least 1 pair was....described @ the Chicago CES '99 (Martin Colloms). I have T5's and would like to learn more about these ....call them A1's (not Soundlab). Colm
Sorry. Haven't heard the Alexandria's. I have a pair of T8's which I enjoy...

Of course you realize that Hales is out of business, I assume. It might be a wise idea to find a replacement source for the drivers first before taking hte leap. Don't make the same mistake I did....
I have seen pictures of the Alexandrias, but I don't know anything about them.

Rhoogasi - About your T8's. The tweeter is a Vifa, the mid is a Seas, and the woofer's are Alumapro. (IF you ever need to replace them) Jeff
Thanks, guys. The CES must have been 2000, I did not double check the post. Yes, it is true that Paul Hales has just walked away (probably forced to, and that's disappointing, to say the least). The T5's I listen to are wonderfull, and I'm not afraid to jump. There are alternatives such as the new ML Prodigy. The pictures I viewed of the Alexandria are stupendous...georgeous...beautiful..though there was ONLY 1 unit! 3 of us that bid had to retract 'cause the text was somewhat misleading. If anyone is aware of other PAIRS out there, please post. My feeling is that precious few Alexandrias were made (listed as $20 - 30k U.S.). Certainly, there are none in Canada (I live in Brampton, Ont.). I think that as time passed all the 'T' series will maintain their respectability and measure of listening value. Regards, VColm