For all you saxaphone lovers heres a guy that flies under the radar and I cant understand why. You Tube Scott Hamilton Dec 7 2007 Tenderly and let me know what you think.
He didn't fly under my radar! :-) His origins are from swing and it can show some in his recordings. His music is upbeat, very accessible, and very enjoyable. And, for some as importantly, most of his recordings are on Concord Jazz and are excellent. I highly recommend him.
Soft Lights and Sweet Music(w Gerry Mulligan)in heavy rotation,others in the rack. Many Concords. All good. I am a proud Hamiltonian and Federalist to boot. Blow up you TV. Spin more records.
Hoopster you couldn't of said it any better. Gerry Mulligan meets Ben Webster my favorite sax album it makes me stop everything and enjoy the moment.
very romatic & well done By Scott H. Yeah, Stan Getz is even better but this piece seemed to hold it's own reasonably well....
Thanks for sharing.
which of his albums do you guys recommend?? thanks.
I'll list a few of my favorites, all on Concord Jazz. The first three are upbeat as opposed to laid back romantic late evening sax. I like them most but these seven are all quality Hamilton IMHO.

Radio City
Race Point
Groovin High

Major League
No Bass Hit
My Romance

Off topic - I agree that everyone should have Mulligan meets Webster, or anyone else who 'meets Webster' like Peterson perhaps.
Thanks for the reco Newbee.
I have a Coleman Hawkins meets Ben Webster - very nice indeed!