Harbeth Compact 7ES-3 for music / HT use...?

I'm considering a pair of Compact 7ES-3 for both music and movie use. I have a 2 channel analog setup.

While I've read a lot of positive reviews for Harbeth's musical ability how do they sound when you watch a movie with them? Is the dialog clear or do you need to rewind and turn up the volume???
I can hear all my British folk singers diction clear as a bell, so I'd think anything Hollywood would throw at em would as well.
These are VERY musical speakers. I think dialog would be adequate to very good, breaking glass and cracking submarine hulls are probably better presented by large boxes with big woofers and metal tweeters
I have M30 in HT now in 20x30ft room. Very natural voice reproduction but need sub for bass reproduction. If room is much bigger, would consider othrs
I second Knownothing's comments. I have the SHL5 for fronts and PSB speakers for the rears. You definitely need a subwoofer for the explosions and stuff. Some dynamic speakers will give you more grunt and sharp transients but the Harbeths are not lacking either. As for dialogue, Harbeth speakers are one of the best in vocal reproduction hence you will hear everything as clear as a bell if voices are important to you. I am not using a center speaker in my small HT room but am contemplating one. Just make sure you are using a good source, like the Oppo BDP-83 to obtain crystal clear voices.
Crash, Boom, Pow, Bam - the sticky multiplex sound explosion experience continues its bleed into Hi-Fi. Some call it A/V. An acronym for "aggressive vibration"? I know, I know - you all have two single purpose systems. Yada Yada.

p.s: Harbethian's vote, and they defend their choice with their weapon of choice, the Radial Driver. You've been warned.